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由陳怡勳先生於民國82年所創立。經由團隊專業品評,精選出來自世界各地、品質口感皆出類拔萃的酒款推薦給消費者。主要進口蘇格蘭威士忌,亦有愛爾蘭、美國等。獨家代理威爾森&摩根(WILSON & MORGAN)、金桶蘇格蘭威士忌(The Golden Cask)、格蘭夫人(Lady of the Glen)、威士忌美學(Distiller’s Art)等,遍尋行家鍾愛的限量版高年份威士忌原酒。葡萄酒則以法國為主,也有來自美國、智利、義大利、西班牙、澳洲、南非等其它國家。其餘酒款包括迷你酒、香檳、白蘭地、蘭姆酒、琴酒、龍舌蘭、香甜酒、伏特加、雪利酒等。另有義大利菸斗大師Luigi Viprati先生精心純手工製作的頂級菸斗。近年來,陳怡勳先生利用他的知識與多年的行業經驗開始發展自己的品牌醉美威士忌(Whisky Gallery)。獨特的酒標由才華洋溢的藝術家陳品君小姐所設計,不只展現了威士忌的藝術,更是畫出蘇格蘭之美。

Founded in 1993 by Mr. Steven Chen, S. Y. C. Vino & Cigar prides itself on its professionalism and passionate. The team carefully selects products of the highest quality from all over the world. S. Y. C. is the exclusive agent of WILSON & MORGAN, The Golden Cask, Lady of the Glen, and Distiller’s Art. Recently, S. Y. C. starts to develop its own brand, called the Whisky Gallery. Mr. Steven uses his knowledge and years of experience to select the best casks and bottle under Whisky Gallery. He works with talented artist Peggy Chen to create beautiful label that reflects the scene of the distilleries. It’s the gallery that not just exhibits the art of the whiskies but also the beauty of Scotland.

主打系列—醉美Whisky Gallery

品陳創辦人陳怡勳先生用他的知識與將近40年的行業經驗開始發展自己的品牌醉美威士忌(Whisky Gallery),親自挑選品質絕佳、口感獨特的威士忌,不添加焦糖著色、不冷凝過濾且依原酒酒精度裝瓶以保有威士忌最原始的風味,傳達出他對威士忌的理解與理念。使消費者能夠品嘗到與原廠威士忌不同的年分與風味。產品理念為酒標上方的logo – 蒸餾器蒸餾出金黃的生命之水與中間的蘇格蘭美景結合造就出獨一無二的威士忌品牌系列。獨特的酒標由才華洋溢的藝術家陳品君小姐所設計,不只展現了威士忌的藝術,更是畫出蘇格蘭之美。

The founder of S. Y. C., Mr. Steven, uses his knowledge and years of experience to select the best casks and bottle under his own brand, Whisky Gallery. He personally selects the unique casks with the highest quality and bottle at cask strength, non chill-filtered, and natural color to show his understanding and philisophy of whisky so that he can introduce special whiskies that are different from original bottlings. The idea of the brand is the still pot of the logo distilates the water of life and combine with the astonishing senery of Scotland to create this supreme series. He works with talented artisit Peggy Chen to create beautiful label that reflects the presence of the distilleries. It is the gallery that not just exhibits the art of the whiskies but also the beauty of Scotland.

主打系列—威爾森&摩根 Wilson & Morgan

威爾森&摩根的故事和威尼斯的羅西家族歷史密不可分。在1920年,當威尼斯經歷了先前商業帝國最後的餘輝,這位經營酒和油的商人朱塞佩·羅西(Giuseppe Rossi),也就是今日威爾森&摩根董事長法比奧·羅西(Fabio Rossi)的祖父,從威尼斯搬到特雷維索(Treviso),一個風景如畫的繁榮小鎮,自古以來,深受威尼斯貴族喜愛的避暑勝地。法比奧·羅西很小便跟著父親學習貿易的秘密。在1980年,瑪利歐·羅西和他的兒子法比奧和瓦特(Walter),觀察了市場動向,開始向他們的客人推廣威士忌之王-單一純麥,單桶裝瓶。

威爾森&摩根會成為最傑出的酒商不是沒有原因的,法比奧·羅西至蘇格蘭的釀酒廠親自挑選這些單一麥芽威士忌。並有著一位來自義大利Conegliano的釀酒師作為顧問,專研與專精於釀酒,有一條金科玉律指引他的選擇:"相信你的味覺和你的直覺" ! 今日的威爾森&摩根威士忌就是這樣成為特殊且稀有的單一麥芽威士忌的選擇。


The story of Wilson & Morgan is inseparably linked to the history of the Venetian family of the Rossis. In the 1920s, as Venice experienced the last afterglow of its former merchant empire, the wine and oil merchant Giuseppe Rossi, grandfather of today’s chairman of Wilson & Morgan, Fabio Rossi, moved from Venice to the mainland and settled in Treviso, a picturesque and thriving town, half an hour from the ‘Laguna Venetia’ and, since old times, favoured as a summer resort by the Venetian nobility.

After the Second World War, Giuseppe’s son, Mario Rossi, took over the business and expanded it during the hard post-war years. In the1960s, the company thrived as never before and Mario Rossi decided that it would be time to take a decisive step forward by beginning to import whisky from the land of its origin – Scotland. Due to the tastes of the time, the first whiskies imported were blended sorts and it took – even in Italy, where palates are most refined – nearly ten years before the taste buds of Mario Rossi’s clients demanded a more distinguished taste. Thus, in 1970 Mario Rossi began buying premium-blended whiskies directly from the Scottish distilleries.

“I still remember the strong smell of peat in our house when I was a kid", says Fabio Rossi, founder and chairman of Wilson & Morgan and one of Mario Rossi’s two sons, who taught his boys early on the secrets of the trade. In the 1980s, Mario Rossi and his sons Fabio and Walter, seeing which way the wind was blowing, began to introduce the “King of Whiskies" to their clients – single malts, independently bottled.

Being indeed Scotland’s finest, the single malts bought by the Rossis from the Scottish distilleries were selected personally by Fabio Rossi. The oenologist, who studied and mastered the art of wine-making in Conegliano, Italy, has one golden rule for making his choice: “Trust your palate and your instinct." And it is not least due to this rule, that today Wilson & Morgan whiskies are such an especially distinguished choice of fine and rare single malts.

亞歷山大 Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray&Co Inc是蘇格蘭首屈一指的威士忌獨立裝瓶公司之一。該公司由有著在威士忌行業擁有超過25年經驗的蘇格蘭人Steve Lipp於2004年創立,總部位於加州,並與各地的客戶合作開發並推出自己的品牌。作為獨立裝瓶商,我們的專長不是用原料製作威士忌,我們將它留給世代承襲的釀酒師,而是與蘇格蘭的許多釀酒廠合作以購買成熟的威士忌酒桶,根據Alexander Murray的品牌哲學來創造出獨一無二的威士忌。無論是單一麥芽、單一桶還是調和,您都會品嘗到質量和創新。

Alexander Murray&Co Inc強調自己的獨立性,使其能夠根據自己的原則和信念自由創造出絕佳的威士忌。Alexander Murray威士忌有著最嚴格的質量承諾。伴隨Alexander Murray一起探索並挖掘出藏在美麗的蘇格蘭各地最好的威士忌吧!

Alexander Murray & Co Inc is one of Scotland’s leading whisky independent bottlers. Founded in 2004 by Scottish Mr. Steve Lipp, who has more than 25 years of experience in the whisky industry, the company’s headquarter is in California. We work with customers around the world to develop and launch our own brand. As an independent bottler, our expertise is not to produce whiskey from raw materials, we leave it to the whisky masters, but work with many distilleries in Scotland to buy mature whiskey casks that fulfills Alexander Murray’s philosophy. Create a unique whisky. Whether it’s single malt, single cask or blended, you’ll taste both the quality and innovation.

Alexander Murray & Co Inc emphasizes our independence, allowing us to freely create the perfect whisky according to our own principles and beliefs. Alexander Murray whisky has the strictest quality commitment. Come to explore and discover the best whiskies from beautiful Scotland with Alexander Murray!



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