[B08] 人上人實業有限公司ARen Trading Co., Ltd.

人上人實業有限公司(ARen Trading Co., Ltd.)經營者謝博文(Michael Hsieh)先生,人稱「麥帥」,擔任過科技業高階業務主管,接觸威士忌超過二十年,在2013年成立人上人實業有限公司,他說會取「人上人」是因為有人說「苦酒滿杯」,既然要做酒了,那就必須「吃得苦中苦,方為人上人。」於是就取名為「人上人」,而「人」的台語發音接近"Aren",而"A"又是英文單字的第一個字會最先被看到,於是人上人實業有限公司(ARen Trading Co., Ltd.)就這樣應運而生。

目前代理品牌有:The Whisky Agency(TWA)、Archives、The Single Malts of Scotland(SMOS)和瑞士Saentis Malt,而謝博文(Michael Hsieh)先生另有翻譯《日本威士忌全書》(Whisky Rising: The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan)


關於The Single Malts of Scotland (SMOS)

The Single Malts of Scotland (SMOS) 是 The Whisky Exchange 旗下的子公司 Elixir Distillers 所推出的獨立裝瓶品牌,除了精選蘇格蘭地區的單桶原酒裝瓶之外, 更有Director’s Special 裝瓶,專門出品高年份或特殊裝瓶。

SMOS的選桶水準一直非常的高,它的母公司就是The Whisky Exchange這家英國知名的酒商,它的老闆 Sukhinder Singh更是世界頂尖的知名威士忌收藏家,在他領導之下的品牌,挑酒的實力非常的扎實,SMOS更掌握了非常充足的單桶威士忌原酒的貨源。




關於The Whisky Agency (TWA)

The Whisky Agency(TWA)是由Carsten Ehrlich於2008年成立的公司,初期主要是以提供威士忌、蘭姆酒桶給其他裝瓶廠、俱樂部、公司等裝瓶用,大部分使用客製酒標。此類型的生意大約佔了初期全公司業務的八成,之後TWA才慢慢加重自我裝瓶品牌的比重,目前自我品牌有The Whisky Agency、The Perfect Dram、Liquid Sun、Liquid Library、Private Stocks等裝瓶。

2012年,TWA和人上人實業有限公司(ART TAIWAN)正式簽署合作開始引進TWA全系列酒款進入大中華地區市場,並且與新銳畫家王傑和威士忌社團「福爾摩沙威士忌會社」(The Formosa Whisky Society)合作,以及2015年開始以世界酒吧巡禮與香港、日本、德國、蘇格蘭各地知名酒吧合作聯名,開始提供客製酒標及客製挑桶的服務,TWA高品質的選酒和精美的酒標設計,在全球威士忌界也一直是威士忌迷間的話題和收藏的標地。

2016年起,TWA於亞洲所發行的系列,陸續由醉俠The Drunken Master所接手設計發行,並將裝瓶廠威士忌推向異業結盟合作。

2018年正是TWA成立十周年,並發行十周年系列酒款且獲得極高評價,近期在Whiskyfun.com上 Speyside Region 40 YO和44YO各別獲得90及93高分!如此優異的酒款即將在Whiskyfair TAKAO 2018與許多同好見面了!


關於Säntis Malt

已傳承到第五代掌門人的Säntis Malt酒廠,他們在做蒸餾的時候發現到以前用來運送儲存的old beer cask是很好的資源,因為現在啤酒已經很少用木桶做陳年,而他們有許多超過50~70年的old beer cask,其特色就是每支酒都是在old beer cask熟成約五年就裝瓶且會帶出比較明顯的啤酒花風味。

Säntis Malt 的威士忌,於 2002 年正式上市,隨後推出不同的過桶酒款,和小批次版本,迎合市場的需要,以一間威士忌的「新世界」中的新酒廠來說,算是十分進取。除了酒款多樣化的發展方向外, Säntis Malt 亦著重本地風土,使用當地大麥,本土泥煤和釀造用水,配合北地高山的釀製環境,作為產品定位的另一賣點。

讓人感到雀躍的是我們會在Whiskyfair TAKAO 2018上看到最新發行的Snow White系列No.6和在西班牙甜酒桶熟成的Alpstein 14代!




除了上述品牌外也代理Archives ,相關介紹請看:https://goo.gl/HPD4Xr

“ARen Trading Co., Ltd.”(hereafter “ARen”) was a company established by Michael Hsieh in 2013. Michael was a senior executive in Technology industry and was fond of whisky since then more than 20 years ago. Michael believes in a Chinese old saying: “hardships make a man better man,” and “ARen” means “a better man.” This is how he came up with the company name.

Michael is the agent of several famous whisky brands as following: The Whisky Agency (TWA), Archives (Whiskybase), The Single Malts of Scotland(SMOS), and Säntis Malt from Swiss. He is also well known as the Chinese translator of “Whisky Rising: The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan.”

The Single Malts of Scotland (SMOS)

As an independent bottler, Speciality Drinks Ltd searches for casks from the different distilleries around Scotland, looking for the best malts to share with whisky enthusiasts the world over. Each cask is sampled and only if it is found to be of the best quality will it be bottled in the Single Malts of Scotland range as a Single Cask or as part of a small batch.

Many of the bottlings in Single Malts of Scotland have received awards and critical acclaim and with years of experience in selecting casks, you can be sure that the whiskies that are bottled are of the highest quality.

With aged casks such as these becoming increasingly difficult to find, each Whisky can be considered unlikely ever to be repeated. Each bottling is one of a limited number, making them perfect for a special gift or the chance to try something truly unique.

About The Whisky Agency (TWA)

The Whisky Agency is a German retailer aiming to source & offer whiskies of maximum drinking quality. They are a group of enthusiasts selecting only such whiskies they’d like to drink themselves -regardless of age, distillery name or cask type & size. They have a beautiful range of independent bottling which are highly recommended including Perfect Dram, Liquid Library, and especially The Whisky Agency.

In 2012 TWA and “ARen” officially signed agreement and became comrades in Chinese market, for example, in Taiwan they joint bottled with “The Formosa Whisky Society” and released “World Bar Tour” series jointed bottled with famous bars in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and Scotland. From 2016, TWA started to cooperate with The Drunken Master who in charge of designing the labels and receive lots of positive feedbacks.

2018 is the 10th anniversary of TWA. Its 10th anniversary series are scored pretty high on Whiskyfun.com (i.e. Speyside Region 40 YO and 44YO got 90 and 93 points respectively). Can’t wait to try them on Whiskyfair 2018!

About Säntis Malt

Säntis Malt is produced by the Locher family, who has a long history of brewing beer in Switzerland. Their Edition Dreifaltigkeit is a cask-strength peated single malt aged in old oak beer casks. The peat used to dry the barley comes from the nearby upland moor.

The Snow White series No.6 and Alpstein 14 are going to be released on Whiskyfair TAKAO 2018. Come and enjoy them!

Except for brands introducing above, he is also the agent of Archives:https://goo.gl/HPD4Xr

「人上人実業有限会社」(「人上人」)はマイケル・シェ(謝博文)が2013年に立ち上がった会社です。マイケル・シェは20年以上のウイスキー愛好者であり、今は沢山のウイスキー名店の台湾や中国の正式代理者です。「人上人」が代理しているブランドは:ザ・ウイスキー・エージェンシー(The Whisky Agency )、 アーカイブ(Archives) (Whiskybase出品), ザ・シングル・モルツ・オブ・スコットランド(The Single Malts of Scotland)、サンティス・モルト(Säntis Malt)です。マイケル・シェ(謝博文)は『Whisky Rising: The Definitive Guide to the Finest Whiskies and Distillers of Japan』の中国語翻訳者として中華圏には有名なウイスキー専門家です。

ザ・シングル・モルツ・オブ・スコットランド(The Single Malts of Scotland


ウイスキー・エージェンシーThe Whisky Agency


サンティス・モルト(Säntis Malt





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