[RECOMMENDED STORE] Pasadena Pier-2 Warehouse 帕莎蒂娜駁二倉庫餐廳

帕莎蒂娜駁二倉庫餐廳 簡介


Pasadena Restaurant at Pier-2 Warehouse was used for sugar storage with a history of more than 90 years. The restaurant kept the red bricks, concrete walls and the cypress roof structures to show its history starting from half a century ago. In 2012, the building was revived with the opening of Pasadena Restaurant via cuisine, arts and culture, where diners can enjoy American and European combined dishes, such as handmade stone oven pizza, burgers, barbeque dishes, along with beer. To celebrate the history of the sugar storage, the restaurant is also promoting 1928 black sugar pizza and soft serve. This is the perfect place for friends or families to have a good time.




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