目前在台灣代理商為人上人實業有限公司(ARen Trading Co., Ltd.),10月會發售數款新品項,當中有幾款Whiskybase Gathering 2017選桶,但真正讓人感到期待不已的便是今年已亮相的Whiskyfair TAKAO 2018紀念裝瓶有兩款ARCHIVES,分別是:

1.Ben Nevis 21YO 1996/2018 50.7%

2.A Speyside 21YO1997/2018 54.1%


One more thing…還會有一隻來自艾雷島的泥煤雪莉酒款會以紀念裝瓶在Whiskyfair TAKAO 2018亮相,就讓我們一起在酒展看到它廬山真面目吧!

Whiskybase.com (hereafter Whiskybase ) is founded in 2007 with the goal to create the biggest resource of whisky information in the world. A community driven website built by and for whisky enthusiasts. Anyone can score and share their tasting notes of whiskies on it. More than eleven thousand pieces of information of different kinds of whiskies are posted on it now, which makes it one of the largest whisky databases.

In 2011, Whiskybase started to release its own IB “The Archives.” Whiskybase selects exceptional high quality whiskies and “only the best casks with the best whisky can carry the Archives label.”

The agent of “The Archives” in Taiwan is “ARen Trading Co., Ltd.” It’s going to release several new bottles from Oct., including Whiskybase Gathering 2017 selection. However, “ARen” announced that there will be two exceptional “ARCHIVES” especially bottled for Whiskyfair Takao 2018, which are as following:

1.Ben Nevis 21YO 1996/2018 50.7%

2.A Speyside 21YO1997/2018 54.1%

According to a trustworthy resource, the second one is still using the old fashioned way with direct fire from beneath and her Gaelic name is “Valley of the Deer.” Do you see which distillery it is now?

Last but not least, there will be one more bottle to be released on the Whiskyfair Takao, a peated sherry cask whisky from Islay. How tempting it is!

「WHISKYBASE.COM」(ウイスキーベース)は2007年にオランダで立ち上がったウイスキーを紹介するウェブサイト。誰でもサイト上で飲んだことがあるウイスキーに点数を付け、誰でも自分の「Tasting Note」を発表することができる理念を持ちながら、「WHISKYBASE.COM」今は、世界中から11万件のウイスキー資料が公開されている。



1.Ben Nevis 21YO 1996/2018 50.7%

2.A Speyside 21YO1997/2018 54.1%





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